Places to visit

Rakvere Castle

The castle offers many exciting activities for both children and grown-ups! You can try your hand at shooting a bow or a crossbow, sword fight and pike battle, forging, pottery, minting your own castle coins, and many other things. There's an exposition of the castle's history, historical weapons, and a torture chamber.
Good to know! You can taste medieval wines in the castle cellar The castle has a cannon - a Swedish field cannon that shoots with black powder. The castle is home to Schenkenberg's Pub offering meals made after medieval recipes. The Red Lanterns Street, a medieval brothel, and a barber's shop were opened in 2009.

Kohtla Mining Park

The underground museum is the most attractive and exciting sight at the Kohtla Mining Park, consisting of former mining gears with a total length of 1 kilometre. During the guided tour, visitors become miners as they put on helmets and miner lights and descend to mining gears up to 8 m under the ground. They are offered a unique chance to walk in the footsteps of real miners, experience their daily work in moist and dusky conditions, which helps to understand the background and the development of oil shale mining and the functioning of the industry. During the underground tour, guests visit miners’ various underground work places as well as the explosives storage, travel on a real underground train for miners, and get the view of various underground technical equipment and mining technology. In addition to that, visitors can order a delicious miner’s lunch and enjoy it in the underground miner canteen.

Aqva Hotel & Spa water park and sauna complex

Aqva Hotel & Spa's water park and sauna complex is situated in the heart of Rakvere. It boasts a 25-metre pool with 6 lanes and a host of attractions – a wave pool, a counter-current swimming lane, a fun pool with massage features, an outdoor pool open all year round and the Black Hole waterslide with special lighting effects. There are also pools for children and babies. A wide selection of refreshing beverages and cocktails is served at the water park's bar. The sauna complex features steam saunas, aromatic steam saunas, a salt sauna, a sanarium, a steam salt sauna and an infrared sauna. There is also a cold water pool, contrast foot baths, a warm relaxation bench and jacuzzis.

Estonian Police Museum

The interactive Estonian Police Museum gives visitors the chance to experience the work of police in a fun way for themselves. You can test your reaction skills at the wheel of a car, try on a police uniform, learn what to do to cope with civil unrest, take someone's fingerprints, solve criminal cases and more! The Children's Police Museum is designed for the littlest visitors, where they can learn safety rules for being out and about on the streets, play detective games, make things and have a whole heap of fun in the playroom. The exhibitions at the museum were put together with the help of police and border guard officials. There's plenty to see and do for everyone!

Emumägi hill

Emumägi hill is the highest point in the Pandivere uplands and indeed the highest point in northern Estonia. The top of the hill is home to a viewing tower which offers stunning views over the surrounding environment, with the Endla bogs and Alutaguse forests in the distance. In addition to the viewing tower there is also the famous ‘Emumemm’ wooden hut, the ‘house of the rising sun’, an old cemetery and camping and picnic sites.
Did you know…? *Emumägi hill is 166.5 metres above sea level and 80 metres from foot to peak *According to legend, the hill was formed from earth dug out of the Peetla bog by the horse ridden by Kalevipoeg, the hero of the Estonian epic

Lontova Adventure Park

The Lontova Adventure Park on River Kunda is not only based on extreme activities, this is a place for adventures, which is:

  • informative, as it explains the laws and forces of nature;
  • experiential, as you find and excel yourself;
  • a place for teamwork, as it improves the ability to cooperate;
  • unique, as you have to go for a 190 metre bike ride on a rope that hangs 30 metres high over the river. Both the activities and the place are diverse, so that different people find things to do here.

In the BLÜCHER café you can enjoy the murmur of River Kunda, eat dinner, celebrate your birthday or just have a nice time with your friends.

It's the experience that you share with your family, colleagues and friends, that matters.